Voyage of the Valkyrie

Take flight on our new thrilling water coaster

Greetings, Noble Warriors!

We, the proud Vikings of Enchanted Adventures theme park, cordially invite you to join us on November 3, 2022, for the grand opening of our newest water coaster, Voyage of the Valkyrie.

Our media event will commence at 8am sharp at the entrance of the park, where our skilled navigators will guide you to the event. We encourage you to share this exciting news with your followers and spread the word of our mighty ride.

Yours in Valhalla,
The Vikings of Enchanted Adventures

Join us for the media event

Embark on Voyage of the Valkyrie

You will be transported to the mythical world of Norse legend, Valhalla. But beware, dear travelers, for danger lurks around every turn. You will witness the intense battle between the Valkyries and the sea monsters who will stop at nothing to claim Valhalla for themselves. As you journey aboard the magical water coaster, you’ll face heart-pounding drops, dizzying twists and turns, and unexpected surprises that will test your bravery to the limit.

Fear not, for the Valkyries are fierce warriors, and they will protect you with all their might. With their strength and courage by your side, you will conquer the sea monsters and emerge victorious. Carried aloft on the wings of the Valkyries, you will soar above the battle and enter the hallowed halls of Valhalla. Once there, you will be greeted by the great Norse gods, who will welcome you as honored guests and invite you to join in the celebrations of the fallen warriors.

As you depart from Valhalla, you’ll leave with a newfound appreciation for the power and majesty of Norse mythology, and the indomitable spirit of the Valkyries. So come and join us on Voyage of the Valkyrie and experience the epic adventure of a lifetime!

Join us for the media event