Case Study: Voyage of the Valkyrie, marketing campaign

This is a comprehensive look at a project I initiated and led from start to finish. The goal of this project was to demonstrate my skills as an art director, and specifically, my ability to conceptualize and execute a successful marketing campaign for a new ride at a theme park.

My Goal

Throughout this case study, you will see how I created a guerrilla marketing campaign to generate buzz and excitement for the grand opening of Voyage of the Valkyrie, including designing mystery boxes and invite cards, a landing page, social media ad, billboards, and signage.

You will also see how I developed the idea and treatment for the ride, including coming up with a name and creating a logo and concept art. All of these things were necessary for me to properly execute a marketing campaign.

While this project is not based on a real-world client, it allowed me to fully showcase my creativity and problem-solving skills by conceptualizing and executing a complete marketing campaign from scratch. The results of this project demonstrate my ability as an art director to bring a fictional idea to life and engage an audience through various mediums.

I hope you enjoy learning about this project as much as I enjoyed developing it. 

The Challenge: Increase park attendance

I was hired by Enchanted Adventures to bring their new water coaster, Voyage of the Valkyrie, to life. The theme park was struggling to attract families with children aged 9-15, so they turned to me to create a marketing campaign that would make a splash. The ride, based on Norse mythology and featuring a state-of-the-art ride system, was set to become the park's new E-ticket attraction in the Valhalla land. Could I succeed in reviving Enchanted Adventures' fortunes and make Voyage of the Valkyrie a must-visit attraction?

The Solution: Develop Exciting Guerrilla Marketing Campaign

To boost attendance at Enchanted Adventures, I came up with a unique marketing campaign for their new water coaster, Voyage of the Valkyrie. Recognizing the need to target families with children aged 9-15, I created a series of mystery boxes filled with clues and hints about the ride, and sent them out to influencers and fans of the theme park.

As a budget-friendly and time-effective solution, the mystery boxes served as the centerpiece of the campaign. But to really drive excitement and engagement, I also suggested a pop-up exhibit featuring art and artifacts from Norse mythology, which the clues from the boxes would lead to. The exhibit would serve as the official launch of the campaign and the reveal of the ride's name and opening date. In the end, the project's budget did not allow for the pop-up exhibit.

Project Deliverables

  • Mystery box
  • Media invitation
  • Event signage & badges
  • Social media assets
  • Billboard design
  • Website landing page

Bringing the Campaign to Life

My Design Process

In the development of the Voyage of the Valkyrie marketing campaign, my design process began with thorough research and the project brief to guide my approach. I then sketch ideas, layouts, and wireframes to brainstorm and conceptualize the design direction. Once I had a clear idea of the direction, I produced high-fidelity mockups to present to the client. Once the design was approved, I moved on to development, creating the final deliverables and presenting them to the client for review. Finally, I assisted with the implementation of the designs in the marketing campaign.

Concept: Influencer generated content after receiving a Mystery Box

Billboard advertising opening date (Graphic Design)

Billboard advertising "now open" (Graphic Design)